Request for Qualifications — Grant Writing Services for Westchester Community Program, Inc. (WestCOP)
Issue Date: August 28, 2018
Due Date: Thursday, September 28, 2018 no later than 4:00PM

Please email qualifications to

Westchester Community Opportunity Program, Inc. (WestCOP) is seeking qualified grant writers to identify public and private funding opportunities and to prepare winning proposals in response to such solicitations in order to secure financial support for its wide array of human service programs, services and activities.
Each respondent to this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) should:
• Provide an explanation of the respondent’s qualifications and experience in grant writing; and explain how these will assist in grant writing for WestCOP.
• Provide evidence of successes in securing funding through grant writing.
• Provide descriptions of your experience developing grant applications for partnerships.
• Describe your leadership strategies that enhance positive working relationships with staff and partners in the grant writing process.
• Describe how you will manage the grant-writing schedule to ensure all proposals are completed and submitted in a timely manner.
• Provide at least three written references from individuals/organizations that applicant has supported through grant writing.

WestCOP’s Qualified Grant Writers List
Through this RFQ, successful respondents will be selected and placed on the list of approved WestCOP Grant Writers. Grant writing opportunities may occur in one of two ways; either initiated by WestCOP or initiated by the Grant Writer.
WestCOP initiated grant opportunity will occur when WestCOP identifies a grant opportunity that it has interest in pursuing and invites its Qualified Grant Writers to provide price quotations and timelines for successfully completing the identified grant proposal. WestCOP will select the most qualified grant writer for this project. Each grant writer will be required to provide a written response that must include the following:
1. Confirmation of availability for the time required to complete proposal
2. Estimated number of hours the grant writer needs to deliver the proposal
3. Costs to prepare the proposal
WestCOP will quickly review each proposal and will select the grant writer best suited for this targeted grant opportunity. Turn around on this process will be no more than five business days.
Grant Writer initiated grant opportunity is one where a grant writer finds an opportunity and submits a request for assignment to WestCOP that includes the solicitation document, timeline and cost for preparing the proposal.
WestCOP will review the submission to determine the solicitation’s alignment with its strategic plan and program fit. Based on its review, WestCOP may accept or deny the request. If it is accepted, the grant writer will be notified and is expected to begin the implementation of the submitted proposal writing plan, with WestCOP’s input.

RFQ Information Session
An information session for prospective respondents will be held on Friday, September 14, 2018 at 10:00am at WestCOP, 2 Westchester Plaza, Elmsford, NY 10523. This session will provide important information and answer any questions regarding the agency, its programs and strategic plan; as well as details of the RFQ process.

Agency Profile:
WestCOP is a private not-for-profit, multipurpose social service agency operating community programs to combat poverty and its adverse effects in Westchester and the Lower Hudson Valley Region. Chartered in 1965, the organization receives more than 60 grants from corporations, government, foundations and individuals each year to sponsor numerous programs essential to the well-being of the community’s residents. These programs include 21 day care/Head Start centers, nine Community Action Programs (CAPs), Family Living programs, Homeless Prevention and Assistance programs, Emergency Food Pantries, surplus food distribution, Energy Conservation and Weatherization programs along with numerous employment and training programs. WestCOP services include a variety of special projects, such as the Foster Grandparents Programs, Emergency Homeless Men’s Shelter, Seniors in Community Services, Victims Assistance Services, Rape Crisis Services, a Rape Hotline, Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention, and Community Services to the Elderly.

The nucleus of the agency’s operations is its neighborhood services centers (CAPs) which act as advocates for the poor and minorities by helping their constituencies organize for the purpose of exerting influence on the larger community’s allocation of resources and keeping their interests before local governments, and public and private agencies. The CAP’s help the disadvantaged meet needs which they identify, provide resources to neighborhood and community groups to secure professional and technical assistance, and provide direct services to individuals who have nowhere else to turn.

Our agency’s mission is to mobilize and effectively manage resources that will help the low income and at-risk populations in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam Counties become more self-sufficient. The main office of WestCOP is centrally located in Westchester with a staff of 50 employees who handle the complex administration details for more than 70 programs operating under the agency’s umbrella.

WestCOP employs nearly 600 employees. These workers are supplemented by a number of volunteers that are dedicated to our goals and mission. The employees of WestCOP, as well as, the Board of Directors reflect the population they serve. The agency is guided by a Board primarily composed of concerned members of the community with representation from government, civic, business, and target residents. WestCOP has serviced the community for over 53 years. The agency’s years of involvement and experience in community work have gained it the respect of government, business and community leadership. WestCOP has been able to adapt to the changing needs in the County and so targets its work more effectively.
There is an established working relationship of community people, government, business, civic leaders, and service professionals. Such working relationships are found in operation at every level of WestCOP. As WestCOP is a multi-service agency, it is able to provide a more comprehensive approach to serving individuals and families and address interrelated concerns.

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