The WestCOP Early Childhood Program and Donnovan Beckford, WestCOP CEO, joined the Empire State Campaign for Child Care in Albany on Monday, January 4th, at the Legislative Office Building and the State Capitol to fight for equitable access to quality child care for all children and working families, and for a sustainable income for all child care providers. We met with Assemblywoman Sandy Galef before attending the rally at the Capitol.


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  • Dawn Clausen

    says on:
    April 29, 2019 at 11:35 pm

    “A sustainable income for all childcare workers”…
    This really resonates with me. I have been a head teacher at Westcop now for 6 months. I absolutely love what I do and believe in quality education for the children . I have a Master’s degree in education and many years of valuable experience in the NYC public school system . My income of $33,000 is not sustainable at all.

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