After the last Nominating Committee meeting, the full board voted on October 27th to shrink the annual board size to 15 as proposed.  The final slate of nominated board members and officers for FY23 are visible on the list below for final vote tomorrow.  As a nomination committee member, please indicate your final agreement.

Government Sector

  1. Eddie Mae Barnes
  2. Diane Atkins
  3. Michael Piazza
  4. Ken Jones
  5. Louis Romain

Target Area

  1. Alex Garcia
  2. Matt Feehan
  3. O’Dean Mangun
  4. Ada Onwe
  5. Juan Cabrera

Civic Sector

  1. Tamika Rose
  2. Heather Miller
  3. Althema Goodson
  4. Valerie Gray
  5. Charles Foster

Board Chair: Ada Onwe
Board President: Ken Jones
1st Vice President: Eddie Mae Barnes
2nd Vice President: Valerie Gray
Treasurer: Charles Foster
Secretary: Alex Garcia