Family Engagement:

Our Early Childhood programs involve a joint engagement process with families, whereby WestCOP strongly encourages parents to become as involved as much as possible in their child’s education. Our Early Childhood programs are founded with the belief that as the most significant adults in children’s lives, children’s parents are their first and most important teachers.

The staff at our Early Childhood programs foster positive parent/child relationships and assist with the challenges involved in raising young children. Parents are invited to a variety of training sessions, workshops and support groups throughout the year. WestCOP’s Early Childhood Programs have an Open Door Policy, so that parents of enrolled children are welcome to visit the centers and their child’s classroom. Family members are welcome to assist with field trips, special projects and classroom activities. They might also wish to contribute to all aspects of the program through parent committees and the Policy Council. The Policy Council is comprised of representatives from each center and considered to be a part of our governing body, functioning as a link to communicate with parents across all of WestCOP’s Early Childhood programs.